Veja Mate receives SGS Project Certificate

Veja Mate receives SGS Project Certificate

Veja Mate is most pleased to announce the completion of its final milestone – receipt of the project certificate. Since March 2015, SGS Germany has provided Veja Mate an extensive range of quality assurance and risk assessment certification services to ensure compliance with standards of the BSH - German Maritime and Hydrographic Agency.

Florian Biehl, Regulatory Environmental Certification & Quality (RECQ) Deputy Manager, clarified the scope and significance of this feat, “SGS Germany has examined literally thousands of documents involving steel construction and corrosion protection; geotechnical, electrical and mechanical engineering; occupational safety, transportation, installation and decommissioning concepts for the foundation, offshore substation, inter-array cables and wind turbine generators. Without this effort, finalization of the project certification would not have occurred swiftly.”

Henrik Scheinemann, CEO credits the hard work of the RECQ Team and acknowledges that Veja Mate’s success would not have been possible without the outstanding collaboration of SGS Germany. Veja Mate is gearing up for its operation and maintenance phase with the submission of its operational release documentation and the hiring of Mr. Stefan Klett pictured with Mr. Florian Biehl and Ms. Elena Gust (Regulatory Manager) of Veja Mate along with Mr. Daniel Bossert (Project Manager) and Mr. Christian Nübold (Division Manager, Industrial Projects Division) of SGS Germany.

About Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH:

Veja Mate is a 402 MW, 1,9 bn EUR offshore wind project owned by the VM Offshore Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. The wind farm is located about 95 km NW from Borkum Island and is producing over 1,6 TWh of green, renewable electricity annually.

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