Veja Mate reaches halfway installation milestone

Veja Mate reaches halfway installation milestone

Veja Mate Offshore Wind Farm is pleased to announce the installation of 34 of its 67 WTGs two and a half months ahead of the schedule agreed at Financial Close in July 2015.

WTG installation began on 10th of January 2017 and as of today, 30 of the 34 WTGs are fully commissioned producing power successfully. This achievement was possible due to the relentless hard work of our Installation, WTG and Regulatory Teams and the collaboration of the German BSH, TenneT, Siemens Wind Power and its sub-contractors.

Tonni Bager, Installation Package Manager stated “Being halfway in our installation campaign two and a half months ahead of schedule is a major feat owed to careful planning and daily attention to every detail. Thomas Gellert, Deputy EPC Director and WTG Package Manager added, “This halfway milestone could only be achieved through a collaborative and open relationship between our Teams and our contractors.”

Just as important was the excellent and continuous relationship management efforts with our German Authorities garnered by our Regulatory, Certification, Environmental and Quality (RECQ) Team headed by Anders Greve Pihlkjaer. Anders remarked, “The close collaboration between BSH and Veja Mate has created the synergy needed to bring the Project to this milestone.“

About Veja Mate Offshore Project GmbH:

Veja Mate is a 402 MW, 1,9 bn EUR offshore wind project owned by the VM Offshore Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. The wind farm is located about 95 km NW from Borkum Island and is producing over 1,6 TWh of green, renewable electricity annually.

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